Last Tuesday, June 23rd, we have been able to help people, suffering from cancer in the Bệnh viện Ung Bướu hospital, Ho Chi Minh with some financial support.

For this month, we decided to help the poorest people in the hospital. We are quite proud we can help. This is already our 3rd charity project. We started in April, with giving food to 125 families. In May we gave away masks to friends and family in Belgium.

For every charity, we use a part of our profits to support people in need. So in a way, by buying our products, also YOU will support one of the charity projects.

If you want some more information about future projects, or if you just want to receive some more information about what we doing as charity here in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, then please do not hesitate to contact us. This can via email or via our contact page.