Yesterday, March 3rd, we organized our first charity project of this New Year of the Buffalo. Here we helped people, who are rehabilitating from burn wounds, or are waiting for a prosthesis after amputation. Our help mainly consisted of financial support and some basic food.

This center is based in Ho Chi Minh city and is for poor people. They have hardly the means for buying any prosthesis or for paying for the necessary support from the hospital.

Seeing a happy face and appreciation is our main drive for keep on giving.

For every charity, we use a part of our profits to support people in need. So in a way, by buying our products or services, also YOU will support one of the charity projects.

If you want some more information about future projects, or if you just want to receive some more information about what we doing as charity here in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, then please do not hesitate to contact us. This can via email or via our contact page.