A lot of people are starving. Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam is in full lock down for 4 weeks now. However the people are not afraid of Covid-19, but they are afraid of starving to death.

Many people work and live from day to day. Making some small money in order to buy some food, where their only drive is being able to buy food. Social distance and full lock down means for a lot of people they cannot work and therefore do not have money to buy food. No work, or no daily income, means for a big part of the people no food.

Yesterday, June 24th, we donated 1,000 boxes of fresh milk, together with another charity group which donated rice and chicken.

For every charity, we use a part of our profits to support people in need. So in a way, by buying our products or using our services, also YOU will support one of the charity projects in the future.

If you want some more information about future projects, or if you just want to receive some more information about what we are doing for charity here in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, then please do not hesitate to contact us. This can via email info@belgivina.com or via our contact page.