Halal Prawn crackers from Vietnam

Vietnam is well-known for its’ seafood.  One of the main products exported is shrimp.  Hence Vietnam is also producing and exporting a lot of shrimp crackers, or for our destination market, chips a la crevette.

Last week we had another container going out.  To give you a general idea, our team offered the following services:

  1. Local buying through our local comany BelgiVina ltd
  2. Quality control and inspection before loading into the container
  3. Arranging local transport from the factory to the port
  4. Issuance of the export document on BelgiVina ltd
  5. Book the Ocean Freight and sell to our customer basis CIF
  6. Arrange a specific transport insurance for the goods
  7. Keep our customer up to date at all times and deliver service!

We offer more than just trading.  We make sure there is a proper follow up until goods are actually on board the vessel.  We are based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the economic heart of the country.  With more than 12 million inhabitants, Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city in the country.

In addition we do speak the local language, we visit the factories ourselves and we are in direct contact with both the persons in charge as the people on the field.  In this way we tackle every issue before it becomes a problem.

We have a Belgian Branch, ZotiYuri B.V., where, depending on the customer and the final destination, we work in a similar way.  This both for import into Europe, local services in Europe as well as export from Europe to Vietnam, where we can offer a door to door service.

Do contact us for more info.