International Trading in consumer goods

Main market is trading worldwide for consumer goods produced in Vietnam.  Main customers are importers / wholesalers all over the world.  The consumer goods we are focusing on at this stage are mainly eco friendly products.  In addition BelgiVina Ltd is the official partner of ZotiYuri B.V., based in Belgium under the VAT number BE0726583547.

BelgiVina Ltd also trades goods produced outside Vietnam for selling to wholesalers inside Vietnam.  We only work with international partners for selling the products to local Vietnamese wholesalers or introducing the products to local parties in Vietnam.

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Import & Export


BelgiVina ltd is organizing and controlling the full export process from the factory up to the country of destination.  This includes all the local formalities such as Customs, Certificate of Orgin, local transport and transport up to to country of destination, this by air / road / sea.  Except for Europe where we deliver up to the final destination, we deliver the goods up to the customs border, airport or seaport of your country.

As for Europe, we deliver up to the destination warehouse.  Together with our official partner ZotiYuri B.V. based in Belgium, we have the possibility to import, customs clear, do all necessary formalities and organize transport up to your warehouse all over Europe.


BelgiVina ltd is licenced to import goods into Vietnam.  Similarly as for export, BelgiVina Ltd is arranging all the necessary formalities up to the final destination in Vietnam.  For consumer goods originating from Europe, our offical partner ZotiYuri B.V. is collecting the goods from the factory in Europe.  For other destinations, we collect as agreed per contract and / or under the incoterms.