A new joint-venture has been set up between ZotiYuri B.V., See Seng Pte Ltd and BelgiVina Ltd. ZotiYuri B.V. is a limited company, set up in Belgium, mainly for having a connection in Europe, for import, export and trading. See Seng Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and is active in Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. BelgiVina ltd is based in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and completes the full set up of our joint venture.

With this joint-venture, we have 2 factories in Vietnam, a set-up in China with a warehouse and own staff, next to own staff in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, we offer the following services:

  • International Trading – worldwide
  • Sourcing products in Asia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia for export worldwide
  • Sourcing Belgian and European products for import in South East Asia
  • Government tenders
  • Assist and help companies overseas with Government tenders in their home country
  • Manufacturer for apparel and bags – 2 factories based in the South of Vietnam, can produce up to 18,000 T-shirts per day (1 production line – 3,000 T-shirts, 6 in total + 6 lines for other products)

  • Ecological products – reducing the use of single-use plastic worldwide, we export the following products, such as rice drinking straws, wheat straws, rice cutlery sets, re-usable bags, shopping bags, reusable water bottles in stainless steel, compostable plates…

  • Investing in Vietnam, for companies as well as for private persons
  • Sourcing labor in Vietnam
  • Relocation services Vietnam both professional as private services
    Visa and resident card services in Vietnam

Please do not hesitate to contact us on info@belgivina.com or via our contact page, in order to find out more and how the ZotiYuri-See Seng – BelgiVina team can help you out in your country of preference.