Specialized in export of products out of Vietnam for parallel import

A lot of factories in Vietnam not allowed to sell their goods to a particular country.  This is because they have already a contract with one of their customers in that specific country.

BelgiVina offers different solutions:

  1. We buy locally ex works and export ourselves.  Depending on the country of destination we can do the export documents, but some documents cannot be provided.
  2. We arrange the transport basis ex works and send it originally to another country of destination.  Afterwards, once the cargo has been exported from the country, we change the destination on the shipping documents and have the shipment rerouted.
  3. We buy the products through our Belgian sister company ZotiYuri B.V. and have it exported with through BelgiVina (BV Forwarding Department).

Depending on the product and on the country of destination, we will advise which option is the best in your case.

Through our BV Forwarding Department, we arrange the necessary documentation for export, help you with the Ocean Freight, Insurance and other matters up to the country of destination.

Do contact us for more info.