In Vietnam the new harvest of Rice has arrived!

The new harvest has arrived in Vietnam.  Year over year, Vietnam is exporting more and more rice.  In 2023 it is expected exports will increase again.

Main reason is the export ban of broken rice by the biggest exporting country of rice in the world, India.  They have also added a 20% tax rate on white rice varieties.  In addition the US, China and Europe, being affected by climate change and drought, have changed causing shortages of rice supply.

With the EU market, under the EVFTA Agreement, Vietnam is granted a quota of 80,000 tons, of which 30,000 tons of white rice, 30,000 tons fragrant rice and 20,000 tons of brown rice.

We offer both FOB Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam prices as well as CIF.   For big quantities, we export in 50kg bags, both by container (MOQ 10 containers) and by break-bulk vessel (MOQ 12,500 MT).

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