BelgiVina ltd has experienced staff to do quality inspections during the manufacturing and logistics process.  Experienced staff and a dedicated team make sure all the safety procedures are followed and the cargo gets a final inspection before actual being transported outside of Vietnam to its’  final destination.

Nowadays, sales contracts are mainly being concluded online, while the actual buyer is on the other side of the world.  As we all know, time is money and money needs to be saved in order to make money.  Hence, except for some phone calls and for some actual pictures being asked, the buyer, sitting in another country, has no idea if all procedures are followed as agreed per sales contract.  In the end there is no greater frustration, than collecting the cargo, and having damaged goods, damaged packing or missing boxes.

Therefore, in order to have a full follow up, feedback and detailed report, BelgiVina ltd comes in place.  Depending on what has been agreed between the buyer and the seller, we do a full follow up.  This included but is not limited to:

  • Control as per buyer’s expectations
  • Quality control of the boxes
  • Quantity control
  • Label check
  • Inside check
  • Picture report / video report
  • Detailed report

For this specific transport, we did an inspection at the airport in Ho Chi Minh.  Quantity of boxes, quality of the boxes and of the inside of the boxes were checked and labels were verified.  Pictures + a video and a detailed report were sent to our customer in Belgium ZotiYuri B.V..

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or via our contact page.