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Halal Prawn Crackers from Vietnam

Halal Prawn crackers from Vietnam Vietnam is well-known for its' seafood.  One of the main products exported is shrimp.  Hence Vietnam is also producing and exporting a lot of shrimp crackers, or for our destination market, chips a la crevette. Last week we had another container going out.  To give you a general idea, our team offered the following services: [...]

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Looking for Parallel Import?

Specialized in export of products out of Vietnam for parallel import A lot of factories in Vietnam not allowed to sell their goods to a particular country.  This is because they have already a contract with one of their customers in that specific country. BelgiVina offers different solutions: We buy locally ex works and export ourselves.  Depending on the country [...]

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Fresh milk for starving people

A lot of people are starving. Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam is in full lock down for 4 weeks now. However the people are not afraid of Covid-19, but they are afraid of starving to death. Many people work and live from day to day. Making some small money in order to buy some food, where their only drive is [...]

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Are you looking for a reliable agent in Vietnam?

Are you looking for a reliable agent to represent you in Vietnam? At the moment borders are closed, and due to new Covid cases, borders have even become more stringent for business visa.   Making sure to be ready  when the economy jumps up, a reliable agent can be your ideal solution. With BelgiVina Ltd, a local company, set [...]

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Charity for Patients at the Center for Orthopedic and Burn Rehabilitation

Yesterday, March 3rd, we organized our first charity project of this New Year of the Buffalo. Here we helped people, who are rehabilitating from burn wounds, or are waiting for a prosthesis after amputation. Our help mainly consisted of financial support and some basic food. This center is based in Ho Chi Minh city and is for poor people. They [...]

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Vietnam – Europe Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) explained

What does the EVFTA mean? Almost all import duties on both sides will disappear.  In short the Trade Agreement means Vietnam will eliminate 99 percent of its import duties over 10 years and the E.U. will do the same over 7 years. Europe side As from August 1st 2020, the E.U. has immediately eliminated import duties on some 85.6 percent [...]

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Work Permit and Resident Card – Procedure explained

Work Permit and Resident Card - Procedure explained 1       YOUR PERSONAL SITUATION CASE 1 You are living in Vietnam, without officially working for a local based company.  Most probably you are holding a TOURIST Visa. Once your visa expires, you can extend it by 1 or 3 months. CASE 2 You have been living in Vietnam and you are not [...]

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Charity for patients at the Cancer Hospital Bệnh viện Ung Bướu

Last Tuesday, June 23rd, we have been able to help people, suffering from cancer in the Bệnh viện Ung Bướu hospital, Ho Chi Minh with some financial support. For this month, we decided to help the poorest people in the hospital. We are quite proud we can help. This is already our 3rd charity project. We started in April, with [...]

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Joint Venture Belgium – Singapore – Vietnam

A new joint-venture has been set up between ZotiYuri B.V., See Seng Pte Ltd and BelgiVina Ltd. ZotiYuri B.V. is a limited company, set up in Belgium, mainly for having a connection in Europe, for import, export and trading. See Seng Pte Ltd is based in Singapore and is active in Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. BelgiVina ltd is [...]

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Charity – food for the poor people

Due to Covid-19, a lot of people in Vietnam are not allowed to sell in public anymore. Most of them are selling lottery tickets on the street. Since beginning of April, these people are not allowed to sell lottery tickets anymore. As a result, most of them have no income anymore. In order to help out, our joint-venture has contacted [...]

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