Why Vietnam

Sourcing for manufacturers and products in Vietnam has become a hot topic.  Because of the Chinese-US trade war, a lot of companies have been looking for alternative countries for moving their production or for importing certain products. One of these countries is Vietnam.

Vietnam is a good alternative, but beware. The cost of labor is much cheaper than in China. For normal labor the price is only 50% of the one in China. However this does not mean, you will find cheaper products, or your manufacturing cost will be cheaper. In addition not every product can or is being produced in Vietnam.


Vietnam remains a developing country, and only opened up its economy since 1986. It has been a slow process and for sophisticated production, it still needs time to develop. It can best be looked at as China in the ’90s.  As an example, keeping in mind the environmental friendly products everyone is looking for, Vietnam is a good source country.  For instance you can find manufacturers of bamboo drinking straws. The quality will be similar to the bamboo drinking straws made in China and the labor cost will be half. However the process for manufacturing will be slower, with more manual labor, resulting in a 30% higher manufacturing price.

Yes, Vietnam!

This is not the case for every product, apparel for instance is being done as cheap or cheaper. Vietnam remains a very good alternative for certain products.  In addition, Vietnamese are hardworking and enthusiastic people.  Therefore it is of utmost importance to check with a local company for a good manufacturer, who is able to give you a quality product at a competitive price. Here BelgiVina ltd is your perfect partner to help you out.

For whatever product you are sourcing, the more details are passed on and the more requirements are known, the easier it will be to find a good and reliable party for you. It all starts with to know what exactly is needed.

If you have any further questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@belgivina.com or via our contact page. The BelgiVina team will be happy to help you out with all your questions and / or remarks.