Work Permit and Resident Card – Procedure explained



You are living in Vietnam, without officially working for a local based company.  Most probably you are holding a TOURIST Visa. Once your visa expires, you can extend it by 1 or 3 months.


You have been living in Vietnam and you are not working anymore for the initial company, which employed you.  Your resident card, issued with the help of the previous company, is expired.  OR, you had a BUSINESS Visa / LABOR Visa which is expired.  At this stage you stay in Vietnam by extending your visa continuously.


You live in Vietnam and you are working for a local company.  However this local company cannot provide you with a resident card.  The reason behind may be because of the costs involved or because of the complicated paperwork involved with it.

In ALL cases, we are able to assist you.


2          WORK PERMIT

Herewith you will find the documents required, in order the work permit can be issued.

2.1       Health check

The health check can and needs to be done by a hospital recognized by the Government of Vietnam.  Next to the allowance from the Government, they have also all the tools available to do all the necessary checks needed.  In this way the Government of Vietnam is sure the foreigner is fit for doing the job.

Remark:       Only a health check issued within the last 6 months is accepted for the start of the procedure of the work permit.

2.2       Judicial Record

This is the document to prove you have not committed any crimes in Vietnam since your arrival.  This document needs to be signed by the Authorities of Vietnam. Similar to the health check, it has to be issued within 6 months before start of the procedure of the work permit.

2.3       Experiences Certifications

  • Bachelor Degree or Higher Certificates

  • A document confirming you worked in the same position/ same business/ same industry

    This has to come from your previous company (company must located in Vietnam).  This document needs to be signed and stamped by this company.  This can be mutual companies, but it has to be for a total of 3 years.

2.4       Company guarantee

If you belong to Case 1 or Case 2, we will work together with you to sort out the problem in order to apply for a work permit.


2.5       Work Permit application

Once all documents are prepared and ready, the full set needs to be submitted to the Authorities.  They will review the documents and some adjustments will need to be made.  You should keep in mind, there are in general 3 adjustments needed.  Sometimes more, depending on the documents submitted.  Once all documents and adjustments with regards to your application are accepted by the Authorties, the work permit will be issued.


3          RESIDENT CARD

Only after your work permit has been successfully issued, an application can be submitted for your resident card.

The price for issuance will depend on the type of visa you are holding.  As per below number 1 will be the lowest and number 3 will be the highest rate to be paid.:

  1. Business/ Labor visa: provided by the company that you’re currently working.
  2. Business/ Labor visa: provided by the company you’re not working anymore
  3. Tourist or different type of visa

For any questions or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. This can via email or via our contact page.

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